I AM: Why You May Not Be Healing

One of my mentors says, the only statement of perfect truth is: “I AM!”

Everything that follows that statement is simply a descriptor of that truth. “I am sick.” “I am tired.” “I am mad.” “I am never going to heal from this.” And so on…

The problem with these descriptors is that, over time, we begin to believe them as truth. In fact, they do actually become “our truth.”

Once we adopt them as our truth, they begin to influence everything else in our lives including reinforcing them as our truth. In other words, “our truth” becomes stronger and stronger – taking over control of our lives. (We can thank the Reticular Activating System in our brains for this. This will be discussed in a later blog post.)

When we can recognize (or someone points out to us) that we have adopted these “truths” BY CHOICE, then we can choose to adopt other “truths.” Truths like: “This is a temporary blip in my life. It’ll soon pass.” “My body has within it the ability to heal itself. I just need to learn how to support that, and get out of the way, to let my body do what it does on its own.” “I am healthy, vibrant, energetic and purposeful.”

I don’t advocate denying the existence of your health challenge(s). They DO exist. They just don’t have to CONTROL your life. Acknowledge their presence, but understand your truth is NOT your health challenge.

  • YOUR truth is that this challenge is temporary – it too shall pass.
  • YOUR truth is that your body has tremendous innate healing capabilities.
  • YOUR truth is that you have the inner power to overcome this challenge and transform your health and life.
  • YOUR truth is that this challenge will make you a stronger, healthier, energetic person.
  • YOUR truth is that this challenge may be indicating to you that you have some inner conflict that isn’t resolved (and is causing some disturbance or stress in your life – showing itself in your body). Addressing this conflict will drastically improve your life!
  • YOUR truth is that this challenge is giving you a story you can share to help others improve their health and lives (allowing you to give back to your world).

Ask yourself:

What ‘truth’ do I want to live my life by today?

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