What’s Your Morning Ritual?

Some tips to make your morning ritual more energizing for you:

  1. Box Breathing: 2-5 minutes of box breathing helps calm your nervous system and focus your energy. JUST doing this every morning will transform your energy and focus for the day. Check it out on YouTube.
  2. “Bulletproof” Coffee: This cup of coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil or coconut oil helps provide long term energy, eliminating the mid-morning slump and increasing the brain’s ability to focus longer (this was developed by Dan Asprey of bulletproof.com)
  3. Movement: take 5-10 minutes minimum to do some movement. Things such as mild yoga, stretching, or functional movements like squats, push-up, burpees, etc. help to wake the muscles and joints up, replenish our energy and get us prepped for the day.

There are many other things that can be done in the first 20-30 minutes of our day that usually result in us saving 1-2 hours a day – due to the extra energy and focus we create during the morning ritual.

If you’d like help tweaking your morning ritual, grab a time to speak with me here. I’d love to help you create a ritual that works for you!

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