Where Do Your Thoughts Come From?

Short answer…

Our Experience!

Yes, our thoughts are reactions to our conditioned experience. Thoughts (at least those we pay attention to) come from previous events in our life. Our interpretation of those events links a significance (or power) to those thoughts – anchoring them into our brains. Once anchored, we develop habitual processes that continue to bring those thoughts up – given certain stimuli.

There’s even a part of our brains that supports this habitual process called the Reticular Activating System (RAS)! The RAS is kind of a filter for our conscious thoughts. It takes beliefs, or thoughts that have significant anchoring in our minds, and then seeks to prove those thoughts to be true.

The RAS’ job is to take these deeply embedded thoughts (and beliefs) and look outside us for support for those thoughts. It is trained to find anything that proves these thoughts to be “true.” The RAS will ignore anything that challenges or disproves these thoughts.

The end result: we see what we truly want to see, while subconsciously ignoring things that may disprove our thoughts/beliefs.

In other words, our thoughts are conditioned by our subconscious minds. We merely react to these thoughts, as if they are “truth.” We don’t think about our thoughts. We don’t pass them through a conscious process to evaluate their veracity. We merely accept them as “truth.”

Part of waking up and becoming the person we really are is understanding the nature of our thoughts – and that they are conditioned responses. Since they are conditioned, we can learn how to control and direct our thought processes. Learning this skill will allow us to become more congruent, powerful decision-makers.

Don’t continue to be a product of your conditioned thought processes. Learn how to master your thought processes, and experience tremendous growth and freedom in your life!

Want help doing this? Schedule an Intro Session with me and let’s explore it together.

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